Items for Sale

I do not sell the Bible Sticks, but I do have other items available



I do have a book for sale. Go to to purchase the book.

The books describe in detail each stick carved, where the ideas came from, and are illustrated with many photos.


I have small crosses available.  Each are three inches long.  They are carved from one piece of wood, with a moving crossbar.  They are available for $7 each, which includes shipping and handling.

Walking Canes:


     A         B         C         D

I have carved different walking canes that are now available.  Some do separate out into two different pieces (A,B & D).  I can cut to exact length needed. They are now approximately three feet long. Plus I can wood burn a name or message in some of the canes (B & C).

The canes cost $1,000 each, which includes shipping and handling.

A is made from poplar and cherry
B is made from poplar and mahagany
C is made from catalpa
D is made from cherry and walnut
   A   B   C    D

Order Information:

Please make checks out to Ron Vance in the full amount.  Include your return address.  These prices are for USA only.

Send to:

Ron Vance
Western Hills Church of Christ
5064 Sidney Road
Cincinnati, OH  45238