10 – Christmas Stick

014The Christmas Stick is unique in several ways.  First of all, it is all in Spanish.  Why Spanish?  Back in 1990, I took my first mission trip to Mexico.  We go every year.  In 2001, we started a Latino Ministry with the Western Hills Church of Christ.  We have about 25-30 Latinos come every Sunday.

The other thing that makes this stick unique is that each item is caved inside a cage.  Most of my carvings would be considered relief carvings, just carved on the surface.  But this stick shows each image in true form.  Plus I stained this stick different colors to make it look like different kinds of woods glued together.  But it is from one piece of wood.  It starts out at the very top simply by saying, “Feliz Navidad.”  That means “Merry Christmas”.  Then I have everything you would see in a Christmas scene carved individually.

Estrella – means Star

Ángel – means Angel

Pastores – means Shepherds

Maria – means Mary

José – means Joseph

Oveja – means Sheep

Camillo – means Camel

Reyes Magos – means Wise Men

This stick took about one year and six months.  I did most of the carvings in the year 2000.

Click here to see the stick in 3-d

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     christmasstick2

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Photo above shows what the
Christmas Stick looked like
before the stain was applied