13 – Titles of Christ

13th Bible Stick – Titles of Christ


This stick has twenty-two different titles of Christ.  I wanted it to look like a cluster of entangled vines, twisted together to hold the different titles.  There is no particular order to the titles.  I did lead off with “I Am”, because it shows connection with God.  Towards the end of the stick, you will find “Amen”.  Listed below are the titles I chose, the Bible passage where it can be found, and the image I used to illustrate that title.

Title                                 Passage                 Image

I Am                              John 8:58                  I AM
Creator                         John 1:3                  The World
Author of Life                 Acts 3:15                  Quill
King of Kings                1 Tim 6:15                 Crown
Immanuel                   Isaiah 7:14      “God with Us”
Lamb of God                John 1:29                    Lamb
Light of the World         John 8:12                   Candle
Lion of Judah               Rev 5:5                        Lion
The Good Shepherd    John 10:11                    Staff
Alpha & Omega           Rev 1:8                       A and Ω
Bread of Life               John 6:35                     Bread
Rock                            1 Cor 10:4                   Guitar
Judge of Israel            2 Tim 4:1                     Gavel
True Vine                    John 15:1                    Vine
Morning Star              Rev 22:16             Rising Sun
Prince of Peace       Isaiah 9:6        Hand & Fingers
The Word                    John 1:1-14                  Scroll
Capstone                   Psalm 118:22           Archway
Rose of Sharon          S of S 2:1                      Rose
Amen                        Rev 3:14             Praying Hands
Messiah                     John 1:41                       Cross
Resurrection & Life    John 11:25          Risen Lord

Most of the images used to illustrated each title are simple and self-explanatory.  But a few of the images are fun or need a little explanation.  For the Rock, I decided to use a guitar.  The Bread of Life has a chunk removed, to look like someone took a bite out of it.  For the Prince of Peace, I used two fingers holding up the peace sign.  This stick is carved out of mahogany.  I worked on it for three years.  If I had to guess, maybe 200 hours of carving.  I finished it in February 2011.

If you click on the pictures below, you will see the progress of this stick.

TOChrist1  TOChrist8