15 – Twelve Stones of Israel

15th Bible Stick – Twelve Stones of Israel

12 Stones 5 - CopyYears ago, someone showed me how to insert marbles into a wood carving.  I wanted to use the idea for one of my Bible Sticks, so I decided on the Twelve Stones of Israel.

The High Priest in the Old Testament wore a Breastpiece with twelve stones.  The Breastpiece was worn over his heart.  The twelve stones represented the twelve sons of Israel.  You can read about the Breastpiece in Exodus 28:15-30.

I found twelve marbles that matched the different stones.  I wanted this stick to resemble a royal scepter.  A gold ball tops it off.  I used gold trim for the twelve names.  The names of the sons are listed in order of their birth.

The twelve stones are:

Ruby,  Topaz,  Beryl,  Turquoise,  Sapphire,  Emerald

Jacinth,  Agate,  Amethyst,  Chrysolite,  Onyx,  Jasper

This stick took me one year to carve.  I started working on it in January 2017 and finished it in January 2018.  It is carved out of walnut.

Click here to see the stick in 3-d

12 Stones 2.1 - Copy  

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