08 – Seven Churches of Asia

012My next Bible Stick is carved out of walnut.  I used a gold trim on this stick, because I knew it would look nice against the darker wood.  When you read the seven letters written to the seven churches of Asia, Revelation 2 & 3, Jesus starts out each letter with a different description about Himself.  That is the image that I chose for each church.

While carving this stick, it did crack under the church name of Sardis.  I carved a clinched fist with lightning bolts, representing the seven spirits.  That area is too thin for the size of the stick.  But Elmer’s glue seemed to take care of the problem.sevenchurches3

Ephesus: He who holds the seven stars

Smyrna: He who died and came to life

Pergamum: the one with the sharp, double-edged sword

Thyatira: the one whose eyes are like a blazing fire and whose feet are like brass

Sardis: He who holds the seven spirits of God

Philadelphia: the one who holds the key of David

Laodicea: the ruler of all creation

I also used gold trim because we are told what heaven will be like, with the streets of gold.  This stick took about one year to carve.  I finished it in the fall of 1997.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       sevenchurches2
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Photo above shows what the
Bible Stick looked like before
the gold coloring was applied