09 – Humorous Teachings

013The next stick is carved out of oak.  Jesus was always using funny stories when he taught.  I selected nine passages to include on this stick.

1) Pearls to Pigs: Matthew 6:7

2) Camel Thru a Needle’s Eye: Mark 11:25

3) Clean the Inside: Matthew 23:25

4) Blind Leadin’ the Blind: Luke 6:3

5) Wolves in Sheep’s Skin: Matthew 7:15

6) Log in Your Eye: Luke 6:41

7) I Asked for a Fish: Luke 11:11

8) Candle Under Your Bed: Mark 4:21

9) Swallow a What!: Matthew 23:24

People have asked me, “What do you do if you make a mistake?”  There is not a whole lot you can do.  You cannot just cut it out and put something in its place.  It will stand out, and probably break off.  When I had finished carving the first humorous teaching, Pearls to Pigs, I looked up the passage that I carved to make sure it was correct.  You know what, Matthew 6:7 says nothing about pearls or pigs.  I looked it up in my Bible.  It is not Matthew 6:7, but Matthew 7:6.  I had switched those two numbers around.  Not wanting to throw the stick away, I finally carved an arrow above the 6 & 7, indicating the need to switch those tow numbers around.

The reason I made that mistake was I had typed it wrong on my paper I was using.  I checked the rest of the passages, they were correct, so I carved in the next passage, Camel Thru a Needle’s Eve.  After I carved it in, I looked up the passage that I carved also.  You know what, Mark 11:25 says nothing about camels or needle’s eyes.  I did it again!  I looked at my paper I was using.  It did not say Mark 11:25, but Mark 10:25.  Why I put an 11 and not a 10, I have no clue to this day.  So if you look closely, under the 11, I carved a “-1”.

I debated whether I should make a mistake on the rest of the passages as well so that they would all be uniform.  But I decided I should not intentionally mess up, so the rest of the passages are all correct.  To me, it is God’s way of making this stick even more humorous than what I had originally planned.  This stick took almost two years to carve.  I finished it in 1999.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      humorousteaches2

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The one photo above shows what
the Bible Stick looked like
in progress