04 – Armor of God

006The first thing everyone notices about this stick is that it’s in a clear plastic tube.  Just a couple of days after I finished carving the stick, one of the boys from my church was looking at it.  He was in another room when all of a sudden, I heard a crack!  I walked in, and he handed the stick to me in two pieces.  He explained that all he was doing was tossing it up in the air and when it hit the ground, it broke.  I glued it back together, but every time I took this stick anywhere to show, it was being broken again.  I finally found a clear plastic tube to put it in, and it has never been broken since.

The stick has a Roman soldier at the very top, wearing the full armor.  Next is carved the title, carved in two spirals.  It is in this area where the stick broke.  One spiral has the title, the other gives the passage where it can be found, Ephesians 6:14-17.

I used chrome paint for the metal parts of the armor and the woodburning tool to create the leather armor.  On one side of the stick, I have the different pieces of armor carved, on the other side I list how they are described in Ephesians.  Listed below are the different pieces of armor.

Belt of Truth

Breastplate of Righteousness

Shoes of Peace

Shield of Faith

Helmet of Salvation

Sword of the Spirit

Someone once suggested what they thought was the real reason I have this stick in a plastic tube.  They pointed out that it was a double illustration.  Just as the passage teaches we need to protect ourselves from Satan, the stick needs that extra protection from all the people who handle it.  This stick took me about one year to carve.  I finished it in November 1991.

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