02 – Six Days of Creation

004I received such positive feedback from the Twelve Apostles stick that I decided to try another one.  This time, I wanted to take something from the Old Testament.  I decided to do the Six Days of Creation.  The top has hands holding the world, the hands of God, shaping the world into its present creation.  I then quote the first verse of Genesis.  I used food coloring with the different days of creation.  Listed below are the six days of creation and the items carved.

First Day:  God created light (yellow)

Second Day:  God created water and clouds (blue)

Third Day:  God created land and plants (green)

Fourth Day:  God created sun, moon and stars (black)

Fifth Day:  God created birds and fish (red)

Sixth Day:  God created land animals and man (brown)

Seventh Day:  God rested

This stick also took about three months to carve.  I finished it in the fall of 1989.

Click here to see the stick in 3-d

Creation  (click on photos to enlarge)