03 – Ten Commandments

005I saw a publication of an illustration of the Ten Commandments, and decided that would be a good stick to carve.  I found a spray paint that looks like stone.  So the top of the stick looks like a stone pillar with ivy growing.  The title is carved into the pillar.  I then used Roman numerals to separate the commandments, each one painted like stone.

1st Commandment – Have no other gods – picture a little boy bowing down before the cross

2nd Commandment – Have no Idols – little boy bowing before an idol

3rd Commandment – Don’t Misuse God’s Name – little boy covering his mouth as if he had just said something he should not have said

4th Commandment – Remember the Sabbath – little boy walking to church

5th Commandment – Honor your Parents – little boy mowing his parents’ lawn

6th Commandment – Do Not Kill – little boy holding a smoking gun

7th Commandment – Don’t Commit Adultery – little boy contemplating two hearts that are interlocked

8th Commandment – Do Not Steal – little boy wearing a mask is walking out of a bank with a bag of money

9th Commandment – Do Not Lie – little boy standing in front of a broken window with shoulders shrugged

10th Commandment – Do Not Covet – little boy standing in front of a sports car that he wants

The Ten Commandment can be found in Exodus 20.  This stick took me about a year to carve.  I finished it in the fall of 1990.

Click here to see the stick in 3-d

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