01 – Twelve Apostles

003My cousin had her wedding at the Kenwood Christian Church in 1989.  I remembered banners hanging around the sanctuary.  Each banner had the name of one of the twelve apostles, plus a symbol representing that apostle.  That was the idea I used for my first Bible Stick.

On this stick, I listed the twelve apostles, plus I carved some type of symbol under each name.  Listed below are the names of the twelve apostles and the symbols used.

Peter: keys

Andrew: fish

James: swords

John: hearts

Philip: a chain

Thomas: two hands, one pointing to the nail print

Bartholomew: a crown

Matthew: a scroll with a quill

Thaddeus: arrows

James the Less:  saws

Simon: a sword and a scroll

Judas: a bag of coins

The stick took about three months to carve.  A wood-burning tool was used to darken the different areas.  It took me about three months to carve.  I finished in the summer of 1989.

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