06 – Twelve Sons of Israel

008I went back to the Old Testament for my next stick.  Before God changed his name, Israel was Jacob.  Jacob is a very fascinating person to me, because he had a twin brother, Esau.  I have always been very interested in twins, because I have a twin brother.  My identical brother’s name is Jon.  We still look very much alike today and have many similar interests.  He is in the ministry also.  We get along with each other, unlike Jacob and his twin brother.

I have a lot of information on this stick.  The four mothers are listed at the top of the stick.  Their names are carved in what looks like a leather strap, and the strap lines up with their sons.  The twelve sons are listed in the order of their birth, from the oldest to the youngest.  Also, on the son’s strap is a map to show where their tribe was located.  Finally, before their father died, he gave each son a blessing.  The image of the blessing is carved underneath each name.  Listed below if the information on this stick.

Sons of Israel   The Mother     The Blessing

Reuben             Leah               Turbulent Waters

Simeon             Leah              Swords

Levi                  Leah               Sacrificial Altar

Judah               Leah               Lion

Dan                  Bilhah           Serpent

Naphtali          Bilhah           Deer

Gad                  Zilpah           Raiders

Asher               Zilpah           Food for Rich

Issachar          Leah              Donkey

Zebulun           Leah              Ships

Joseph             Rachel           Colorful Coat

Benjamin        Rachel           Wolf

The story of Jacob’s wives and sons is found in Genesis 29-30.  The blessings are found in Genesis 49.  This stick took me about a year to carve.  I finished it in the fall of 1993.

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