(K) Woodturning


I purchased a wood lathe in July 2020.  20200719_175331Since then, I have been turning everything. Just finding logs from the woodpile, I have made bowls, cups and goblets.  It is amazing how an old chunk of wood can be turned into something so beautiful in just a couple of hours.  There are even spiritual lessons to be learned. I think the wood lathe is in 20200726_183214a way like God.  He can turn our old ugly lives into something beautiful if we allow him to work his transforming powers.

I have made bowls, cups and goblets.  I have used cedar, cherry, walnut, maple and olive wood from Israel.  I brought the olive wood back from Bethlehem 6 years ago. It is such a hard piece of wood I threw it into my attic because I did not know what to do with it and now that I have a wood lathe I’m able to work with it. 116315598_10160171020014358_2728452048982657106_oWhen I was in Bethlehem I met with the olive wood shop owners and they gave me the wood to bring back home with me.

I did set up an Etsy account.  You can purchase items there.


Steps in creating the small cups from a cedar log.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact me.  Most pieces range from $50 – $95.