(F) Crosses

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There is a museum in Dover, Ohio:  The Mooney Warther Museum.  Warther was definitely the master woodcarver, know for his detailed carvings depicting the history of the train.  Warther started carving wooden pliers when he was a young boy.  Take a piece of wood, put ten cuts in the wood, and it will open like a set of pliers.  Pictured above is the pliers that was carved for me.

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I liked the idea, and started experimenting with the idea.  It then hit me, I could use the same principle, make a few adjustments, and carve a Cross with a moving cross bar.  I have carved hundreds of these crosses through the years.  They are about 3 inches long and are carved out of basswood.

I wrote an article for “Woodcarving Illustrated” Spring 2018, describing in detail how to carve the crosses.

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Crosses in 3-d (1)

Crosses in 3-d (2)

Crosses in 3-d (3)